DanceVersity World Dance Classes in Berkeley

DanceVersity Weekly Class – Special Spring 2017 Session

Kamala Devam is teaching
beginners’ classes in an exciting martial art form from the Southern Indian state of Kerala called ‘Kalaripayattu’. 
This martial art is thought to be the mother of all others, inclu
ding karate and kung fu, brought from India to other parts of 
Asia by Buddhist monks in the 4th century. 

Mondays March 6 – April 24 at Ashkenaz
8-week series

Youth 4:30 – 6:00 –  $160

Adult 6:15 – 7:30  – $130 series or $18 Drop-in


Now influencing dance choreography around the world, this martial art is beautiful and athletic, incorporating the fighting actions of animals found in India and moving in graceful, circular motions between fantastic kicks and flying jumps. Both young and adult students will become stronger, more flexible and have fun learning a new way of moving. No previous martial arts or dance experience is needed. Come, get sweaty and enjoy!

More About Kalaripayattu:

Photos Top: Vipul Sangoi; Bottom: Vikram Valluri

Video from the Fall 2015 Haitian Dance Class performance

Video from the Winter 2015 Performance of La Syrene, composed and choreographed by Portsha Jefferson: