DanceVersity Summer Camp 2017 FAQ

DanceVersity Camp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How should we contact you?

Prior to the camp day, you are welcome to email

For emergencies and urgent situations, contact Samia Karimi, Interim Program Coordinator
(805) 407-8877

What is the schedule?

  • Camp runs 9 am to 4 pm at Ashkenaz in Berkeley
  • Student performances are on Friday afternoons at 3pm

What should my child wear/bring?

Children should wear comfortable clothes, ideally pants or leggings that can stretch as needed. Full skirts are fantastic for certain dance forms, but it is best to have pants or leggings on underneath so that students can easily transition from one dance form to the next. Hard-soled shoes (such as dress shoes without rubber on the bottom) are useful for some classes which require foot-work. You may choose to bring soft dance shoes (such as ballet slippers) to protect the feet in other classes but they are not required. Please bring a lunch, water and a snack. Other details will be provided via email before the first day of camp.

How are the camp days structured?

A typical day will include a gentle warm-up, yoga, or dance fundamentals class in the morning followed by two hour-long dance classes, a lunch hour from 12-1pm, an enrichment class such as visual arts, costuming, geography, music, or cooking, and two more dance classes.

What happens if I can’t make the pick-up time? armsup

Camp ends at 4 pm but we have extended care until 5 pm by prior arrangement (see registration form). Ashkenaz has other bookings that start at 5 pm. If you think this could be a problem please make arrangements ahead of time and notify us as to who is allowed to pick up your child. In an emergency, please call Samia Karimi at (805) 407-8877.

What kind of discounts do you offer for multiple week and/or siblings?

How do half days work?

If you would like to sign your child up for half days, you may choose morning attendance, 9am – 12pm, or afternoon attendance, 1pm – 4pm. You are free to drop off or pick up your child anytime during the lunch break (12 – 1pm). Please note that those attending the morning session do not participate in the Friday performance.

Do you offer childcare before or after camp hours?

There is no childcare before camp starts at 9 am. We are offering to extend care until 5 pm if there are those who need it. Please make sure to check that you want that option when you register! There is a separate fee ($10 a day) payable the first day of camp.

Do you provide lunch?

No. Children are asked to bring their own bag lunches, water bottle, and snacks.

Do you allow drop-ins if my child wants to bring a friend?

The DanceVersity Manager can let you know whether or not it is possible for your child to bring a friend with them to camp. When camp is at full capacity, we simply do not have the space for drop-in guests, as we want to maintain a safe environment. Drop-ins are $12/hour.

2009-campWhat types of dance are taught?

Danceversity offers classes in folk, classical, social and theatrical dance forms from around the world taught by world class performing artists. Each week has a large regional focus but we may include other dances as well. Please see above for each weeks focus.

Which week should I sign my child up for?

Campers may register for any week they choose or attend both weeks. Multiple week and sibling registrations are given discounts (see question above).

My child is 6 1/2. Is she/he too young?

Yes. Enrollment is limited to children 7 years old and up. Classes are geared for ages seven to seventeen.

What happens if my child can only attend part of the week?

Camp registration is by the week. If an illness or other unfortunate circumstance prevents your child from completing the week please be aware that campers who miss two or more days in a week may not be able to participate in the Friday afternoon performance due to inadequate rehearsal time. Make-ups cannot be guaranteed but we will do our best. Each case will be treated individually. Please contact to discuss this.

What if my child is shy or easily overwhelmed?

DanceVersity is a highly stimulating atmosphere. With 25-30 campers, several dance classes a day, and an elaborate performance, it is a whirlwind of information and culture. Many children love it, and even if they are initially a bit overwhelmed, most participants are caught up in the spirit of the dances and find they enjoy participating and performing. Performing is optional, and children are allowed to sit out or take quiet time as needed.

How do you choose your instructors?

We hire ethnic dance teachers who are accomplished performers, well known in their respective communities, and whenever possible, native to the communities they represent.

What do I need to know about the performance?

It will start at 3 pm on Friday, and parents are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early in order to get a good seat!

Can I visit a class before signing up for the camp?

Please do! DanceVersity offers weekly classes on Mondays at 4:30 – 6 pm.  Please contact us ( before coming.

My child has a medical condition. Can she/he participate?

Your child must receive doctor’s approval before participating in Danceversity if he or she has a medical condition that can be aggravated by physical activity.

With six hours of dancing per day, won’t they get tired?

They will have fun, get fit, and be very tired in a very good way. Of course, children are allowed to sit down and take breaks as needed. However, participation is always encouraged and physical stamina grows notably as the days go by.

Who is AACS and what is fiscal sponsorship?

AACS stands for Afsaneh Art and Culture Society and they are a non-profit agency that serves as our fiscal sponsor, thereby lending their non-profit status to Danceversity as a fiscal sponsee. This allows us to accept tax-deductible donations.

For donations you can also make checks out to “Danceversity-AACS” and send them to: DanceVersity at PO Box 2404 San Anselmo CA 94979.