DanceVersity’s Curriculum and Mission


The DanceVersity program offers youth access to alternative dance forms from around the world, creating an atmosphere where artistic expression is fostered and diversity celebrated. By using dance as a platform for understanding culture and community, DanceVersity teaches youth to respect different cultures and their unique ways of relating to the world. In an era of increasing global interdependence, it is essential that we provide opportunities for youth to develop cross-cultural competency. The program serves as an important and unique resource for emerging Bay Area dancers, while providing appealing physical fitness alternatives to young people. One of the strongest elements of the program is its inclusion of diverse forms of the greater Middle East, allowing young people a personal experience that honors the complexities and differences amongst a cultural group that is often narrowly defined. Rather than being limited to any particular area of the world however, the DanceVersity program is inclusive. The curriculum encompasses regions as diverse as Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

What Students Gain

Enhanced multicultural understanding that comes from in-depth exploration of cultural dances and the folk tales and traditions they arise from.

Communication and leadership skills such as listening, sharing, working together, and giving and receiving feedback.   A shared sense of purpose and common bond that emerges from working closely with a diverse group of people.

Self-worth and empowerment that is achieved through performance and enhances participants’ ability to be leaders in their community.

Increased technical dance skills such as alignment, strength, flexibility, presence, and musicality.

An understanding of the role dance plays in cultures from all over the globe, aesthetically, communally, and spiritually.